2014: A Defining Moment

January 15, 2014 by

Was I ready for 2014?

Yes and no.You would think this is an ambivalent answer, but the opposite is true. Let me explain. For me, the end of 2013 was a time of intense introspection and reflection: looking at my life, where it's going, where I want it to go, and where I'm unwilling for it to go. I practiced what I preach: I listened to my body, got real about the stress it's been under, and came to a fork in the road. I've taken a clear personal detour off the road to uncertainty, indecision and stress in favor of the road to certainty, decisiveness and freedom.

So 2014 is all about saying YES! Yes to opportunity, yes to being in the flow, yes to accepting the good that is all around me, saying yes to and owning the results my clients realize when I coach them. Saying yes to daily walks in my urban wildlife-filled neighborhood, yes to watching the birds and smelling the flowers. Saying yes to digging in the dirt, to cooking and eating my own (pretty darn good) home cooking, yes to doing housework, yes to constantly learning, yes to making plans, and yes to having fun!

2014 is also about clear decisive NOs. No to taking on responsibility that's not mine to carry, no to compromising myself so as not to rock the boat, no to continuing social or business relationships that aren't working. No to working till midnight, no to attending every single event I can fit into my schedule, no to trying so hard to do everything the way the experts say I must, even when those things don't fit me or my life. No to exhaustion and frustration. No to putting off having fun until I get all my work done, and no to beating myself up because it's not done. It will never all be done!

I guess you could say I drew a line in the sand. Or I reached my limit. Whatever it was, it's a good thing. Napoleon Hill said "Indecision is the seedling of fear." I'm stepping up. I'm stepping into YES and NO and counting on 2014 to be much more peaceful, fulfilling and FUN!

What's shifted in your life this year?