Meet Toni

 150x210 for IIN site“I want people to be aware and empowered.”

- Toni Crabtree, MA, CHHC

Toni is fiercely committed to empowering you to make food choices based on a connection with your body instead of the fears and fads that run rampant in the media today.   Toni’s programs are designed to give you the energy, focus and tranquility you need to conquer your day.  She and her husband, Rich, founded Crabtree Healthy Living to facilitate their vision:

  “We see happy, healthy individuals fully engaged in life, free from the stress and pain of chronic illness, and confident in their healthy futures.”

Toni believes that simplifying the mystery of “what to eat” empowers her clients to change their lives.  This creates the ripples that will eventually change the food system in this country and make it easier for everyone to access and purchase real, nutritious food.  Toni is a speaker, workshop facilitator, writer and clean food advocate.  She recently gave the key note address at the Central Florida Regional Hospital’s “For Women Only” Health Conference.  She appeared as a featured speaker on the Reinvention Retreat Teleseminar and contributed a chapter to the book, “How to Be a Pilot When We Were Raised to Be Stewardesses.”  Toni is a member of the Women’s Executive Council of Orlando and co-chairs her church’s Wellness Team. She and Rich serve on the Advisory Board of Growing Food, a non-profit dedicated to “Planting seeds, helping people grow.”

Toni's Story:

A mere seven years ago, at 49 years old, Toni would have told you she was “as healthy as a horse” because she never took a sick day.  Yet, she weighted almost 200 pounds, took five prescription medications and four over-the-counter medications every day!  While busy building her career, she received a profound wake-up call:  caring for her mother, who was recovering from a serious illness.  This experience put Toni up close and personal with the “sick care” people receive, and she vowed to never enter that system herself!   So, she started researching… Toni discovered that she had been duped.  The low-fat, high-carb era set her up for food addiction and horrible health.  Having served as a team leader, teacher and mentor most of her career, Toni found the field of health coaching a natural extension of her talents and passion to help others.  She knows what it feels like to be confused by the onslaught of information and to be out of touch with your body. Looking for a holistic approach that’s based on respect of individual differences, Toni completed the Holistic Health Coach Certification program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Nutrition Advisor program at Sanoviv Medical Institute.  She has also studied with detox specialist Rachel Feldman, and functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama.

How Toni Can Help You:

After working with Toni, her clients have discovered previously-unknown food intolerances, improved sleep and energy levels and regained their sparkle.  A confirmed non-cook transformed into a contest-entering recipe inventor!  Her clients often comment that weight loss and increased productivity are merely a side-effect to the awesomeness they feel.  They also use the same words to describe her:  non-judgmental, supportive, open, and easy to talk to.

How To Get In Touch With Toni:

Schedule a free 30-Minute Jump-Start Session, where you’ll get simple recommendations and discover how Toni can help you reach your goals.

What Clients Say:

“I did not grow up reading labels, I had a horrible, horrible diet.  I didn’t put much credence into what I ate.  The whole body-food connection…I completely missed it.  To look for somebody to help was scary because I thought I’d have to change my whole life.  With Toni I didn’t have to change my whole life.  I changed one thing.  Then I changed another thing.  I didn’t have to change everything in a day.”  - Cathy Droke, Oviedo, FL

"I came to Toni with health problems, bad habits, and high levels of stress. I was no less stressed by the time I was done working with her (since life rarely seems to get less crazy), but my health problems had abated and curbing my bad habits seemed like achievable goals. That has much to do with Toni's structured coaching program, consistent and vocal support, and totally holistic style. She's all about creating solutions that will work for you-- goals that can actually be accomplished with minimal changes to your lifestyle. Toni is incredibly knowledgeable about all things wellness, and she never fails to remind you that when it comes to your health, a long-term and sustainable approach is the way to go. I recommend Toni and her coaching program to anyone who believes that they are too busy or too far gone to achieve their goals. If you're open-minded, she'll help you see the good things that are really possible."

- Carolyn Capern, Orlando, FL

"Toni is amazing! Never have I worked with a person so patient, gentle and kind. In the six months I've been blessed to have her as my coach, my life and my habitual patterns of eating have changed dramatically. The obligatory stops at the convenience store after work are now a thing of the past. I'm not craving any more. My diabetes is controlled with a fraction of the medication I used to take before. The "fog" is gone, and I can enjoy being active outdoors and at the gym. In a nutshell, she has me doing stuff I NEVER believed I could do! There's something about Toni that is totally unique: her passion and her commitment to bring her clients to new levels of awareness and insight. She treats you as an individual and she tailors her coaching sessions to address your needs and circumstances. No "cookie-cutter" gimmicks or "one size fits all" plan: she is the real deal!

- Jenny Velez, Winter Park, FL

"I’ve worked with Toni for a year now and with Toni’s patient guidance and coaching, I have transformed from a Diet Coke guzzling, sweet and carb craving, chocoholic to a Green Smoothie drinking, vegetable and fruit craving, salad making expert. My outlook on eating food that is good for me has been completely turned around to the point that even when dining out with friends and family, I look for a restaurant that offers healthy choices – and most importantly, I enjoy making those healthy choices for myself! I’ve experimented with different healthy food choices over this past year and it has been wonderful to have Toni helping me learn what works best for me and what I need to avoid because my body doesn’t tolerate it. I am so much more aware of how my food choices make me feel – and I love feeling great and super energized! I cannot recommend Toni enough. If you are ready to learn how to make healthy food choices and stop craving those unhealthy foods, please give Toni a call!" 

- Debbie O'Grady,, Oviedo, FL

"Toni, first and foremost cares about her own health and wellbeing, so she can authentically convey her knowledge and expertise with love and compassion. Her dedication to help and be a servant leader shines in person. I have been very fortunate to see her in action as she presents her life saving/life altering information during her workshops, I implore you to partake of the beautiful message she has to share about your health and wellbeing. To your health!"

- James Ealy, Winter Haven, FL

"Toni is a true inspiration. I've watched her take on her own health with dramatic results. Her coaching is making it easier for me to make changes for myself. I am trying new foods I might never have eaten - and am enjoying them. I'm eating better, I'm feeling better, and I'm happier!" 

- Janet W, Longwood, FL

"I feel like we've accomplished more than I would have expected. I love my new lifestyle. I can see a correlation to my mood and food habits when I do not make the time to prepare a meal. My cupboards do not look the same, because the items that are in there were never there before: quinoa, organic pasta sauces, nut butters. Has there been a change? Yes, it's evident! Oh and one more thing...I look and feel great! Thanks"

- Birgitta Jorgenson,, Oviedo, FL

"I sat down with Toni and faced the truth about my lifestyle, I was a mess! Filling out the information sheet was a wake up call and Toni spent time chatting about the information, making achievable recommendations along the way. I warmed to her out of the box approach to my issues. I can now clearly see what steps I need to take to improve the health of my daughter's mother! Thank you so much Toni for helping me to see the light."

- Sarah R, Apopka, FL